4 How to Scent The Vagina Using Herbs

The vagina is the most precious crown for women and it is important to be maintained. Keeping the vagina clean and smell will improve domestic harmony for a fragrant vagina would excite her husband. Often the husband was unwilling or reluctant to mix his wife because his wife’s vagina is not pleasant smelling. There are some special tips for your vagina is traditional fragrant. Do not need expensive . Want to try?

Here are some ways that you are awake vagina fragrance, you have to do is:
1. Keep it clean always. If you want to clean this section, you must make sure your nails are not long, for fear you will hurt your vagina as you would rub this core section.
2. Change your underwear at least 2 times a day. If you feel you are sweating, it never hurts to change your underwear 3-4 times a day. It’s important to keep the fragrance.
3. If you’re coming months, replace your pads as often as possible, especially if it’s a lot. Do not let the sticky pads all day.
4. Traditional treatment is to pound the basil leaves to taste, slightly fragrant pandanus. After that half a glass of water mixed and pressed. This juice mixed with palm sugar and salt to taste, then drink. Do this for 2 weeks on a regular basis every day. After that, you can set yourself when to drink this potion. This recipe, allegedly carried out those old fashioned and proven before the fact.

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